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Primary Care And wellness


You will have your own personal primary care provider with direct access via phone, text, and email for your basic health care needs. There will be no co-pays and surprise bills in the mail from an insurance company.

The monthly membership is affordable and any additional charges for labs, medications or minor procedures in office will be fully disclosed up front.

Absolutely! We may be able to save you money and help improve your employee experience by providing a low cost and high quality health coverage alternative

No, we do not require insurance to be a member with 702 DPC and Wellness. Our direct primary care membership will cover your primary care needs.
However, we do recommend that you have insurance as our services do not cover hospitalizations, major surgeries or specialist care if needed.
We recommend our clients to establish catastrophic health insurance for any unexpected life events that may require hospitalization or surgery.

Yes! You will need to sign a one-time waiver declaring that neither you nor our office will directly bill Medicare for our services.

Your Medicare can still be used for labs, imaging, medications and specialist care as well as hospitalizations.

Yes, there is a one time sign-up fee of $100 for individuals and $150 for couples or families.
This fee may be applied once again if the account has been closed and re-opened after 6 months.

Simply give us a 30 day notice if you wish to cancel. We look forward to having an open, honest and respectful relationship with you and understand that life situations happen and circumstances change.

Part of our promise to our clients is that we limit the amount of direct primary care patients we take on to ensure the time needed to provide excellent care for each and every encounter.

If you do cancel, we cannot guarantee immediate availability and may have to place you on the waiting list to re-establish care with our clinic.

No, our membership is offered for those that are looking for a high quality, personal relationship with their primary care provider for both there primary care and urgent care needs.

702 DPC and Wellness does not bill or accept insurance. We will work hard for you to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective health care.
We will also do our best to set you up with the cheapest cash pay options for medications, labs and digital imaging (x-rays, CT scans, and MRI’s).

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