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Weight Loss Management

Medical Weight Loss Management

Medical weight loss management is ideal for those that have tried various diets and exercise regimens but have struggled with getting the results they desire. We know just how frustrating this process can be.

 With a combination of medications and personalized diet & exercise plans, our weight loss management program will give you the best chance at success on your weight loss journey.

Why the 702 DPC and Wellness Weight Loss Program is The Right Choice

Be Healthier

Many strive to lose weight to help avoid developing chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. Losing weight can help decrease the risk of developing these diseases as well as sleep issues, hormone imbalances and certain types of cancers. Also, a successful weight loss journey often leads to improved mental health and energy! We work directly with our patients on developing the best, personalized plan to improve their overall health that works for them.

A Simple Solution For Weight Loss

Our weight loss program consists of a combination of appetite suppressants, B-12 injections, nutritional guidance and exercise recommendations. Our follow-up appointments can be made in person at our clinic, by phone or even by video conference call. Once you have started the program, you can even reach your medical provider by text with any questions or concerns. We pride ourselves on developing an honest and long-lasting relationship with our members and the Las Vegas community.

A Program That Is Safe and Effective

Patient Safety is our NUMBER ONE priority here at 702 DPC and Wellness. Our weight loss clients are first medically evaluated as potential candidates during the initial consultation. They can only start the program if deemed appropriate by the medical provider that evaluates the candidate. Our clinic founders have personal experience using this program with amazing success and are here to offer this experience to our members with confidence.

We Specialize In Providing Health Care The Right Way

We understand how being overweight can lead to serious health problems like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, depression, sleep apnea and hormonal imbalances. We have years of experience in managing chronic health conditions as well as dealing with medical surprises, such as a new illness or infection. 702 DPC and Wellness is a direct primary care practice that does not bill insurance for any services. This means that our medical provider and our patients make ALL of the decisions on HOW and WHEN the patient is taken care of. We value QUALITY, PREVENTATIVE HEALTH CARE as well as HONESTY through open communication and price transparency. We are dedicated to helping every one of our members reach every one of their health goals.

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